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sexual harassment

My boss is sexually harassing me… what do I do?

Sexual harassment has been with us forever. In recent years, consequences have developed for such behavior. The workplace has long been the arena for gamesmanship alongside the work needing completion. Sometimes the games appear to be all in fun. However, the underlying question is always whether everyone understands the rules. Better yet, does everyone even […]

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What You Say, What You Do

“This is Us” has become a very popular show on television. One of the current storylines concerns a child, adopted by the family at birth. He seeks and finds his birth father. The impact on the family when the birth father is found is complicated to say the least. Today, there are many children born […]

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But They Want to Live with Me . .

How old does a child have to be before they can pick the parent they want to live with? It depends. Many parents think that once a child turns 14, they can decide where they want to live. Not exactly. A 14 year old has the right to select the parent they want to live […]

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The Perils of Dating at Work ???

No, I am not talking about the proverbial manager and his or her mentee, or the woman and her mentor. There is an additional phenomenon happening today in many cubicles and in many offices. This phenomenon is thought to be secret, and happens during working hours, without leaving the office. Employees  who frequent  dating websites […]

Business Separations

Business Separations

One of the most challenging  times in a person’s life is when they are separating from an employer.  When the separation is not the employee’s choice, it can prove to be one of the most difficult periods in one’s life. The emotions of fear and uncertainty, the concern about your source of income, the effect […]

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays . . ??

School just started. The pencils are purchased, the laptops are working and your children look picture perfect in their new clothes.  So why would anyone want to bring up the holidays? Because: if you don’t lock in holiday visitation now, there is a good chance you may not be able to do so later.


Celebrities are People Too!

Who would have thunk it? Bill O’Reily  and Madonna in the same sentence.? You bet… you see, both have been involved in recent nasty custody disputes….. just like everyone else. O’Reily just lost custody of his 13 and 17 year old children, with custody, in this instance going to the mother of the children. In Madonna’s […]



A number of employers have started to send their employees to active shooter training. Some even have policies regarding the use of guns. These policies may address questions such as whether guns can be brought on the premises, in the company parking lot, or at company functions. No longer can an employee be unaware of […]


We’re Pregnant

Sometimes good news, sometimes not. While only you can say whether it is good news, I can tell you that your legal status as an unmarried parent is no longer equal. So…..what to do? If you and your partner have already contemplated marriage, it is not a bad option. Doing so will place you on […]


Who’s Your Daddy…. Again

It’s no secret that many people are choosing to delay marriage, if they marry at all. But the delay or avoidance of marriage does not necessarily mean that children are not in the picture. And that’s the rub. Most of domestic relations law ( family law) is designed for those that are married. But for […]

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