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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays . . ??

School just started. The pencils are purchased, the laptops are working and your children look picture perfect in their new clothes.  So why would anyone want to bring up the holidays? Because: if you don’t lock in holiday visitation now, there is a good chance you may not be able to do so later.

Look at your agreement… do you have visitation for Thanksgiving? Do you have plans to go away for Christmas? Now is the time to confirm your plans for Christmas and Thanksgiving with your ex….

  • Who has the kids,
  • where are the kids going to be,
  • who is picking up the kids and when,
  • who is responsible for dropping off the kids and when, etc.

Now is the time to discuss the details of visitation. If you can’t reach an agreement with your ex now, you still have time to ask the court for assistance. NOTE: The window of assistance is closing. Most courts schedule 30-45 days ahead. As the fall progresses the time frame expands to 60 days ahead. (They get busy during the fall.)

What that means is that getting a court date when your ex fails to bring your child to you for Thanksgiving visitation means that there is an extraordinarily high chance that you will miss your visitation. Christmas visitation is even more restricted as many courts operate on a limited schedule during the holiday period.

Last minute assistance is generally not the forte of most courts, except in the most extraordinary circumstances. And you can be certain that the court has a very different definition of the term “extraordinary” than the public at large.

So, pick up the phone, send the email, text your former significant other and have that visitation “smackdown” conversation now, rather than waiting until your ex calls you the night before visitation and tells you that something “came up” and your child is going to stay with them for the holiday. You can do something about it now and save heartache for you and your child during the “happy holidays”.

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